Laura Imami entered the eyewear industry with a clear motto: “I only want the best – nothing else will do.”

With her intricate eye for detail and her natural inclination towards classic and timeless shapes, enriched with her wealth of experience, Laura decided in 2013 that she was ready to start her own journey into designing her collection of frames, which proved immediately successful.

“Designing frames is not just about the aesthetic look. Many elements play important parts in bringing together my final product. Each of my frames are hand crafted, nothing is mass produced, thus everything is individually checked for perfection”
Laura Imami frames are hand-made in a small, beautiful village in Northern Italy. The work is done by master craftsmen with centuries-old tradition of frame making. Using the renowned Mazzucchelli acetate and immaculate 1940s German hinges for durable, sleek and stylish finish, the manufacturing process is overseen by Laura until her designs come to life in their perfect shape.

“I draw inspiration from everything around me – people, art, music, architecture, nature itself. I am a nocturnal creature and all my designs are born at night. Sometimes I’m accompanied by a specific soundtrack, while at other times I draw in complete silence. It all depends on the mood I’m in, but I’m always excited when I feel the inspiration coming. During that process my designs go through various transformations – they have their own organic flow, their own rhythm, until they come to life.’

Laura Imami frame designs are featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Telegraph etc.

Her collection is today distributed in various boutique opticians, in London, New York, Copenhagen, Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Beverly Hills, Johannesburg etc